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Climate Week NYC kicked off on Sept. 20 with Human Countdown: A Climate Wake Up Call in Central Park. Organized by Oxfam, this event gathered people together to form a human hourglass to show that time is running out on the climate change debate.

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This photo was sent to me by Taylor Royle of Oxfam America. It shows an aerial view of the Human Countdown in Central Park. People formed the outline of an hourglass and inside they spelled out Tck Tck Tck.

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Comment by Søren Bentin on September 21, 2009 at 20:56
Does anyone remember any Climate conference that really changed anything?.....
sorry, I cant remember seen in the historical mirror/perspective
- so please tell about it

This Planet is rich ,there is food and water enough for all humans and animals if the humans uses our forces to share ....not steal and cheat
Greed's the root of evel!
Allready we closes our borders for the hungry and thirstywith higher fences
and thorougher "laws"

Humans is the most dangerous animal on earths ,and the legend of Garden of Eden is the tall of when we lost our sense.
The planet will find its ballance.

Love and Peace

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