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"Torture in Denmark" - Free Abdulle Ahmed - - July 6th - Demonstration Gammeltorv

The public, parents, friends and families gathered today to protest the ill treatment of Abdulle Ahmed. Abdul is a young man of 27 years who has been hospitalized in the psychiatric hospital high security in Nykøbing Sjælland (Holbaek) since 2001. This ward houses about 30 patients many of whom are convicts. According to relatives and friends, and those involved with this case:

"As a 16 year old teenager, Abdul went to the hospital for backpain, he was accompanied by his family. The… Continue

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Midsummer - Sankt Hans - 2009 Photos by Gareth Garvey

See some more of his photo works here:

Gareth Garvey in Denmark on… Continue

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The Case Against Shell: 'The Hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa Showed the True Cost of Oil' June 8th 2009


June 8th

Grave human rights violations: Shell Oil company's participation in the brutal and inhumane displacement of Ogoni tribe of southern Nigeria, murder, and bribes to Nigerian military and their final trial payout to keep this out of the eyes of media. Outrageous conspiracy to keep a movement down and continue with Shell's oil agenda in Nigeria.

On the page where… Continue

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Censored 2009: The top 25 censored Stories of 2007-08 - How does it work

This is a must -

Just when you think you know - Question what media is feeding you - you can decide to know the truth.

click here to read the stories:

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

This is validated independent news - this is involving people of all levels of society -

and this is where it starts - here is a video which talks about independent media worldwide… Continue

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Newtimes Asylum Seeker Newspaper hits Denmark's streets 2009 - The voice of asylum seekers

Did you ever wonder about what is really going on with asylum seekers here in Denmark?

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to seek asylum in Denmark, or what is the actual life as an asylum seeker in Denmark?

"Each year asylum seeker costs the Danish tax payers 222.400 DKK" - Why not let them work and contribute to society and pay their own taxes?"

These are some of the hot issues in the latest Asylum Seeker news magazine - created by asylum seekers and… Continue

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Tamil Demonstration - April 9th - 5 Tamils Begin Hunger Strike VIDEO - demanding Danish Politicians take action to help end civil war and killings in Sri Lanka

This video is on our front page - TV Channel - under "ON-DEMAND" latest live broadcasts - go there to use embed codes and… Continue

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Tamil Demonstration - April 9th - VIDEO "Voice of Tamils" 5 Tamils Begin Hunger Strike

Pirapa Sivabalasunderam, Suganthini Thambirajah, Niranjan Kandiah, Sugunenthiran Markandu, and Shalini Parameswaran begin Tamil hunger strike today behind the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Today announced their decision to Tamil demonstrators and public their plan for a hunger strike. Tamil demonstrators helped to place foam mattresses and blankets beside building for the 5 hunger strikers - they will stay behind Ministry building until… Continue

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Tamil Demonstration - April 9th - Interview with Christian Lang Jensen - "Danes too Shy to stand for suppressed Tamils in Sri Lanka"

ON the 3rd Day of Tamil's peaceful demonstration urging Denmark to help end the violence in Sri Lanka, The Copenhagen Voice speaks with one of the only Danes present - supporting Tamil demo.

Christian reveals the need for more Danes to come forward to show their moral support for Tamils - simply to stand for a people and listen to what they have to say - is first important step. The Tamils living in Denmark, are asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help with cease fire… Continue

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Tamil Demonstration - Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Voice of a Tamil comes to light in Copenhagen April 8th

A Tamil voice asks for people of Denmark to help to show their support for peace in Sri… Continue

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Tamil Demo - Interview - Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs - April 7-8th - OUR voice - What happened

Ushan talks to cphvoice about media saying we put our kids in front of police when they came to move us - not the truth - in our culture we are united - (listen to his words and interview) - we asked our women to move to the side - but our women support us - and how can we expect Danes to help us to stop this violence if we are misunderstood here and misrepresented intentions of actions in the press. Please help us Denmark, this is what we really want - no… Continue

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STOP THE SHOOTING IN OUR COMMUNITIES - Demo - March 31st - What a moment! About 1.000 people joined in.

4 KEY politicians showed their respect today to hit the streets of Norrebro claiming a voice for NO to violence - Helle thorning-schmidt, Margrethe Vestager, Villy Søvndal, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, 3F union, cph local govt and THE PUBLIC COMMUNITY - UNITE to stop violence.…


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RIP Susan Tsvangirai - song by ARD MATTHEWS VERY HOT. March 7, 2009

My contribution to CPHVOICE throught the eyes of wonderful magic people met on facebook - make the whole world aware that we all are watching and supporting our brothers and sisters in the plight of humanity and social justice. Rock on

Thank you Lyndsay Jensen for your kind contribution and in reaching out.

And thanks Ard Matthews - you are more than an angel of light and hope.

Fight for Zimbabwe

Mr Morgan

I… Continue

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Climate Change - to Cry or to get busy


While speaking at the Copenhagen Denmark - Bella Center Climate Convention last week - James Hansen the director of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies - had a chance reach out to the locals. He organized a meeting to discuss with local activists and concerned community memebers what is needed to combat the global climate crisis on a grassroots level incorporating strategic activism - He is known for his… Continue

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3,000 honour innocent Iraqi victim of gang-war shooting

Find more photos like this on The Copenhagen Voice

Some 3,000 people on Saturday afternoon followed the hearse carrying the body of 25-year-old Mustafa Shakir Hsownay as it moved through the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen.

Mustafa was shot to death in Mjølnerparken in the Nørrebro district on 27 February.

The exact circumstances of the killing remain unclear, but… Continue

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CPH VISION fashion - Crown Princess Mary - gets a Tour of Copenhagen's newest Fashions - VIDEO

Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary was a guest of honor at the Copenhagen Fashion Week. She toured the designer's exclusive new collections at Øksenhallen with happy smiles for the "smuk" new "designer" styles. She handed out the Designer's Nest Prize to Joonas Saari of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland - and welcomed the marvelous cat walk viewing the latest in textiles fashion design from funk to the… Continue

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Festelavn - copenhagen NYTORV - BARREL OF RAISINS Sunday - Feb.22nd

Parents and children marched with drums beating from the National Museum to Nytorv today - to celebrate Festelavn - an adored tradition in Denmark - where kids get dressed up in costumes and gather around a barrel filled with "candy" - they make a line and each one hits the barrel one time round - eventually it breaks and then the kids eat the candy - the high light of a cold winter day in Denmark today - lots of kids happy & lots of parents having a good choice of a fun activity to share… Continue

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