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Denmark Approves Controversial Migrant Bill

“The immigrants which have come, and they are second generation, are more crime-prone than inhabitants in general are in…


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Video of Jon English (Australian Rock Star) and Androo Kelly talk about Tasmanian Devils at Copenhagen Zoo June 2013

Learn a bit more about the project to save Tasmanian Devils - a joint project between Australia and Denmark through the Copenhagen Zoo.

Androo Kelly is the Wildlife Preservationist and owner of Trowunna Wildlife Park in Tasmania. He has devoted more than 30 years to saving animals at risk of becoming extinct.

At present the two females are with young - and we will know in November-December if the young will prosper and move out of the…


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US Ambassador to Denmark Laurie S. Fulton - Speech at "Alt for Danmark"

August 16, 2012 - "A foot in Both Places" - US Ambassador Fulton makes a speech at Kanal 5 - "Alt for Danmark" tv show premiering Monday Sept 3 - about Americans coming to Denmark to connect their Danish…


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Danish Language is Falling Apart - Meaningless Guttural Sounds - Where Can We Find Each Other?



What do you think of this video? 

Are you having problems with your Danish? - Where would you turn to? - Curious minds want to know.....

What do you think?



In this video they say - the people who made it - "the Danish system will collapse - it's not a question of if, it's a question of when,"…


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Powerful Video from Me to We: Generosity Everyday

This is a simple video - GENEROSITY - WHAT AND HOW DO WE DO IT? - a nice way of hearing the voices of people from all walks of life - "give fearlessly" - Love it! Thanks Craig Zeliger.…


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February 11th - Saturday 9pm - Air BnB Is Throwing A Party With Free Admission,Drinks,DJs Etc.!

For those of you who are interested in a cool event check out :

Hej Copenhagen

We are throwing a party. A huge one. Monumental! With the incredible support of our community, we are excited to announce our milestone of 5 million nights booked!…


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Young Internationals - Copenhagen - Meet up Group

This is a cool place to get invited to events and meet other international people living in Denmark - 

don't miss some of the cool events and happenings - check it out and sign up if you like.

Fashion events, karaoki, music, theatre, dancing, night life etc.

Great please to meet new people, share your interests and feel a part of Copenhagen.…


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"Burning Horse" Live at KB18 Denmark Copenhagen Feb. 03. 2012 9pm

LIVE: Burning Horse Live @ KB 18. Support: Blackou...


Tid: 21:00

Sted: KB18

LIVE: Burning Horse Live @ KB 18. Support: Blackout Babies.


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Koncert med Den Danske Salmeduo i Brorsons - Brorsons Kirke -- 24 November · 20:00 - 23:00

Koncert med Den Danske Salmeduo i BrorsonsBrorsons Kirke -- 24 November · 20:00 - 23:00

Link to facebook event:


Den Danske Salmeduo markerer sin nye jule-cdudgivelse "På stjernetæpper lyseblå" med en koncert i Brorsons Kirke.

En koncert med Den Danske Salmeduo er en medrivende rejse gennem 800 års kirkemusik. Duoen…


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Regina Lund - Living in Airports New Album Oct 6 2011


Regina Lund, a well known Swedish actress and singer releases her new album "Living in Airports".

Listen and give your comments. link to video



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SPEECHES at Iftar Dinner Monday Aug 22 at Danish Parliament

Danish Parliament members, diplomats, Ambassadors, Rabbi's and Turkish officials along with Danish and Turkish special guests - joined together at the Danish Parliament Monday night to celebrate Iftar dinner and a host of speeches centering on intercultural communication, tolerance of all religions and the importance of dialogue.  The presence of The Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Berki Dibek and Mrs Ceyda Dibek, along with long standing community icon Rabbi Bent Melchior. A special speech was…


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Green Light for Iftar Dinner at Danish Parliament after Big Stink from Danish People's Party


A controversial dinner to celebrate the end of Ramadan took place in Christiansborg, the Danish parliament, on Monday night. Despite some hostility, notable from the Danish people’s Party, the event proved to be a sell out…


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Bicyclist killed in a High Speed Police Chase

A 55 year old woman was killed by a vehicle being chase by a police car.


See full article in English below:


on another note:


"2011 is shaping up to be a momentous cycling year in Copenhagen as the city is hosting both the UCI BMX World Championships and…


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Freedom Demonstration - Town Hall - Copenhagen Denmark March 11, 2011



Copenhagen, Denmark March 11, 2011 - City Hall square - Freedom Demonstration - under the slogan "Support the democratic forces in the Middle East and North Africa". The demonstration, was organized by Amnesty International in cooperation with MS (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke) and Folkekirkens…

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Episode # 71 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

Stay up to date on fun and interesting issues in Denmark with the MyDenmarkTV team. This episode takes you through a 1010 Danmark climate campaign launch, the pros and cons of google vs maps, fun ecological place for kids to learn about recycling and where to…

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Back to Kindness - The Kindness Offensive - Change Your World With A Good Deed And A Smile - Sept 2009

As I was walking along the streets of London, and I stumbled upon a strange looking old school ambulance. On the side of it was written "Funbulance". Gathered around this vehicle were several men dressed up in orange construction helmets and neon yellow vests - on the back of the vest read: Join the Kindness Offensive. This intrigued me, and so I went up to the driver and asked him what was going on.

The driver's name was David, and he proceeded to explain that…

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The Intimacy of Ramadan - Copenhagen, Denmark - September 2009

Find more photos like this on The Copenhagen Voice

In the 9th month of the Islamic calendar year - Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, and indulging in things of excess or ill-natured from dawn to sunset.…


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Peaceful No Iraqi Deportation Demo - Apartheid between Real Danes and Foreigners - CPH, DK Sept 2 2009

Video above: Around 700 Peaceful demonstrators outside of the Ministry of Integration.

For those of you who missed this demonstration - a clear voice of the Danish public echoed in the streets of Copenhagen - the voice of dissent and disagreement with the Danish government's Iraqi repatriation agenda and Birthe Hornbech's forced deportation of Iraqi asylum seekers.

In a recent article in Politiken - it was…

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Photos available through DEMOTIX

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