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I am a native Enlgish speaker and have not yet mastered the Danish language although it is a future goal of mine to speak Danish fluently.  I have been told that English speaking jobs for therapists/teachers in the autism field are scarce in Denmark.  Does anyone have any experince or insight into this matter?  I have a degree focusing on early childhood autism intervention and multiple years of experience in the field and I would love to work with children with autism or special needs in Denmark.  I am aware that there are International schools where English is the main language and I was also wondering if this would be a good starting point for a career in education in Denmark.  Any nudge in the right direction would be helpful.  Thank you. 

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Have you tried contacting your local kommune (municipality)? They might be able to help you. There are teaching positions in local public programs for autism I'm sure you could help.

I actually will not be back in Denmark until late April.  At that point I will definitely take your advice.  Thank you very much for your help.  Best wishes to you!

Oh, and yes, international schools might also present an opportunity for you. There is one near Esbjeg and a new one in Aarhus that recently opened, plus the ones in The Copenhagen area.

Great, thanks!  Yes I have searched many of these schools but I worry that because I am arriving in the spring that they may not be hiring again until fall.  The particular schools you mentioned however may be in need of more staff if they are relatively newer establishments.  Thanks again for your help. 

No problem :-)

You might just try incorporating yourself in Denmark by getting an SE number and finding your own students if you cant find work by traditional means. I know lots that do this. Danes, too. Denmark can be a tough place for foreigners trying to join the work force, even if your Danish is perfect. That's a fact.

Hi Rose, I became a member of CPH voice so I could chat with you about your search for work in Denmark. I too currently work with autistic children. I have my Bachelor's degree in Child Development and Sociology. I graduated from California State University, Sacramento and I currently still live in California. I was wondering if you have had any luck finding a job in the Copenhagen area. I am currently searching online and would love any input or advice you could give me. :)


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