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A Smart Mob Is Not Necessarily a Wise Mob - by Howard Rheingold

How do smart mobs work - how do people organize via mobile phones? Howard Rheingold tells us alittle about how this movement is growing - "SMART MOBS".

OhmyNews 2008 Forum keynote

Note: Rheingold emphasizes the need for smart mobs to become wise mobs - why because the power of the people to use mobile technology to organize is a true mediation of technical democracy - which can either create positive change or destructive change - as seen around the world already.

It is a concern of independent journalists and citizen journalists that the increased destructive use of mobile mob technology will most certainly way heavy on political decisions and laws which govern net neutrality - service, access and use of the net - for the public - in equal access.

We have seen, examples of this in the shutting off of mobile phone satellites - and air wave frequencies in G8 demos - where mobile phones could not communicate with each other on SMS or access internet.

An interesting topic to stay tuned to as we enter into an era where the mobile phone is now, for millions, our remote control hand held device for our lives.

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